September 2020
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September 2020

Telematics: Getting the Most from Your Landfill and Transfer Station Equipment Using Telematics
Using data in regular telematics reports can show a fleet manager exactly how each machine is being used, identifying which ones are underused and could be reallocated to another site.
Todd Cannegieter

Software: Waste Fleet Safety and Distracted Driving: Technology and Best Practices
These days, when it is difficult to get people in a room and even harder to supervise directly, technology can provide cost-effective ways to help ensure worker safety, prevent accidents and delays, and keep community services running.
Del Lisk

Industry Trends: Are Paper and Plastic Recyclers Prepared for a Market Rebound?
Paper and plastic recyclers hit by the current crisis can still bounce back. Mapping the inbound and outbound process can indicate where there is room for improvement and, with that, how to increase growth and margins.
Gerard Kissane

MRFs: Preparing MRFs for Success
By leaning on industry close-out best-practices, while incorporating some modifications to address the unique considerations for an MRF, the close-out can give the owner the tools needed to run their facility in a safe and efficient manner going forward.
Evan Williams

Smart Waste Strategies: Make Your Waste Program Smarter with a Monitoring System
With smart practices put into place, you will be able to continually find ways to streamline, reduce costs and troubleshoot any equipment issues that may arise, freeing up your time to focus on your business and customers.
Michael Hess

Landfills: Leachate Generation Trend after Closure of a Subtitle D Landfill
The Glades County Landfill in Florida was a unique landfill since the entire surface area of the landfill was closed in a single construction event. This provided the opportunity to monitor leachate generation in a very controlled manner.
Ali Khatami, Ph.D., P.E. and Myles Clewner, LEP

MRF Safety: Reducing Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards in your MRF
MRFs need to have a plan to, first and foremost, keep people safe, and also to reduce claims costs. It is something that needs to be addressed every day, hour by hour.
Brian Haney

Emissions: Solving Emission Systems Headaches in Waste Truck Fleets
Using a fuel additive enhanced with a combustion catalyst can help optimize fuel efficiency, while greatly reducing soot and emissions as well as the re-gens, repairs and other headaches that come with maintaining hard-working trucks and equipment.
Rand Taylor

Waste Management: Wastewater Treatment Technology Does Not Have to be New to be Disruptive
There has long been a recognition among waste professionals that waste should be seen and treated as a potential resource. Indeed, the development of a truly sustainable circular economy depends on it. With developments such as ZLD, the technology is now available to make such societal changes a reality.
Matt Hale

Containers/Carts: Your Employee’s Safety Should Go Beyond Training
Choosing between safety and your bottom line does not have to be a hard choice. If you are looking to keep your employees safe, reduce worker’s compensation claims, and save your bottom line, then switching to plastic dumpsters is something your business should seriously consider.

Leachate Management: Natural Attenuation and Low-Energy, Recirculating Well Pairs as Options for Mitigating Leachate Releases from Contemporary Landfills
Examining the potential viability of natural attenuation and low-capacity well pairs for removing narrow leachate plumes originating from lined landfills.
Paul F. Hudak

Guest Commentary: The Three C’s: COVID-19, Collections and Community
COVID-19 is changing the world and as the world learns to interact and communicate differently, California Waste Solutions’ commitment to help create green, sustainable communities through recycling will continuously improve.
David Duong

Dumpster Case Study: Teaming Up with a Strategic Partner to Increase Revenue
How dumpster companies across the country expand their operations with innovative partnerships.
Sara Cifani

From the Experts: Building a Team
Build your team at a pace you can control, understanding that growth will not happen overnight. If you are patient and strategic, things will fall into place.
John Paglia III

HHW Corner: Second of Two Parts
Luminary Interview: Dave Galvin
David Nightingale, CHMM

Maintenance: How Do Lubricants Meet the Needs of Waste Fleets?
Lubricants today meet the unique needs of waste fleet operators as well as the operational needs of modern engine technology. The latest heavy-duty engine oil technology can secure substantial savings for waste operators.
Darryl Purificati

Safety Brief: How Video Technology is Transforming Safety for Waste and Recycling Fleets
With the dangers involved in waste pickup, taking precautionary measures to improve safety demonstrates a company’s commitment to its drivers and communities, along with the overall safety culture of the company. Video-based safety technology allows companies to improve driver performance as well as avoid costly repercussions like nuclear verdicts, property damage and workers’ comp claims.
Jason Palmer