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In the Spotlight
The West Tennessee Regional Recycling Hub: A Critical Piece of Recycling Infrastructure
Supporting the region and manufacturers in a rural county, the West Tennessee Regional Recycling Hub’s goal aims for municipal governments, businesses, and other organizations to work together
to increase the collection of post-consumer packaging materials for recycling and to divert waste from landfills.
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Waste Handling Equipment
The Right Tools for the Job: 3 Equipment Features
That Can Substantially Ease Large-Scale Waste Transport When transporting large-scale waste, these three equipment features are worth their weight in gold.
Nick Daddabbo
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Driving Fuel Economy: The Evolution of Lubricants
Improving fleet fuel economy will be an ongoing journey, with no endpoint in sight at the current time. By transitioning to lower viscosity solutions today, a waste fleet can secure fuel economy savings and reduce carbon emissions.
Darryl Purificati
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Industry Trends
A Conversation with Tim Flanagan, SWANA President
The conversation between public and private sector players is increasingly powerful and is especially important with its profound influence on the global populace and politicians’ interest in climate change. As an industry, we have the opportunity to be heard more than ever, to educate and demonstrate that essential services, such as waste conversion, are positively impacting our planet, and that we have made and continue to make great strides in our response to climate change. Tim Flanagan, SWANA’s current President, gives his thoughts on hot topics in the waste industry and how SWANA is involved.
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Growing Your Company in Changing Times Simply and Affordably
The key to current and future profitability and growth is to integrate dynamic software into your daily operations management. It is important to find the right system for your business that will also grow as you grow.
Bill Bradley
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Waste Conversion
The Advantages of External Digester Heating
Heating is an unavoidable part of running an anaerobic digester, but some forms of heating are more efficient and easier to operate and maintain than others. External heating of the digestate using a counter-current corrugated tube heat exchanger has a number of benefits over heating systems that are located inside the digester tank.
Matt Hale
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Waste Contamination: Encouraging Sustainability:
How to Best Optimize Waste Fleet Management Solutions
The waste and recycling industry landscape is constantly evolving through regulations, new technologies and efforts helping to further sustainable practices. By using waste technology such as RFID and cameras, coupled with AI technology, haulers are set up for success to increase efficiencies and revenue as well identify and decrease the occurrence of contaminants.
Ben Pettine and Ryan Long
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Containers: A “Tattoo” for Plastic
What is polymer fusion labeling and why are companies in waste and recycling industry using it?
Marty Mares and Noel Daigle
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E-Waste Management
Right to Repair: A Solution for the Fastest Growing Waste Stream
Right to Repair is an important movement in reducing the total volume of e-waste recycled or landfilled each year. Unfortunately, many individuals, municipalities, and some companies are not aware of the refurbishing capabilities of e-waste processors.
Michael Pauzano
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Guest Commentary
Top 5 Trends in the Waste & Recycling Industry to Watch
The waste and recycling industry is evolving, and companies need to be aware of trends like the rise of millennials, the increased demand for convenience and sustainability, and the power of online engagement if they want to remain competitive.
Brianna Langley
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Safety Brief
Third of a Three-Part Series: Facility Inspections
Checklists to Keep Sites Safe: Reviewing Tarping Stations, Lockout/Tagout, Machine Guards, and Electrical Equipment
This is the third of a three-part series on facility inspections. Conducting regular reviews of solid waste and recycling facilities help identify potential worker safety hazards before anyone gets hurt.
Will Flower
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Business Strategies
The Waste Management Business: The Importance of Collecting Clean Commodity Streams
When people stop considering waste as something dirty, they will start seeing the differences between dirty waste and clean waste. It helps the environment and your company to become active in the loop of sustainability.
Samuele Barrili
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The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association: 37th Annual Conference Recap
With exceptional tours, educational programs, and the annual HHW Olympics, NAHMMA delivered a great conference and enjoyed re-connecting with attendees.
Kenneth Miller
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