Sioux Falls City Council members heard about the results of a survey on whether curbside pickup for garbage cans should be allowed in the city, as well as a proposal to cap the number of garbage hauler licenses in the city. The presentation cited a survey of about 4,000 people given in August on several questions about the city’s garbage policies, said Josh Peterson, the city’s environmental services manager.

It found that 58% of respondents think residents should be able to place their garbage cans curbside for pickup. More than 30% thougsht it should be prohibited, with less than 10% saying they had no opinion.

What are the current garbage, recycling container rules? Of the respondents, 54% also said they were unaware of the current ordinance, which states that garbage and recycling containers “shall be kept in an inconspicuous place” beside or behind a home. Peterson said the city’s solid waste planning board had voted to recommend that the city allow containers to be placed adjacent to the structure or curbside, depending on what the resident and their garbage hauler agree upon.

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Author: Trevor J. Mitchell, Sioux Falls Argus Leader
Image: Sioux Falls Business Journal