Community members are noticing some of their recycling left behind on pick up days, and it’s because Delaware’s Solid Waste Authority is piloting a new program in town.  Workers from a company known as the Recycling Partnership have been going through community members’ recycling bins before collection time to see if the bins are ‘contaminated’ with non-recyclables, or wrongly placed recyclables.

Business Director with DSWA, Mike Parkowski, said the Solid Waste Authority is covering the cost of the cart-tagging. The Town of Smyrna was selected to test the program following a DSWA audit that identified elevated recycling contamination rates in the town.

Parkowski also noted that high contamination rates are present in all three Delaware counties. The orange tags, labeled ‘Oops!,’ serve to highlight problems and potential solutions, but some said it’s only been an inconvenience.

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