Monroe Township is the latest Snyder County municipality limiting access to its recycling and composting facilities due to misuse. Road supervisor Terry Conrad said large trucks have been transporting leaves, brush and other debris to the township composting facility at 39 Municipal Drive, causing it to fill up and “taking it away from the township residents.” In response, the supervisors have enacted new hours in 2022 limiting access to the compost facility. Solicitor Beau Hoffman said they could also consider charging a fee for commercial deliveries.

Supervisor Dean Davis said the township may also install a gate requiring residents to display a pass to access the recycling center to curb misuse. Freeburg borough recently closed its recycling center due to outside residents using it and Penn Township has restricted access to permit-holding residents only. Since May, the township — which blamed the lack of funding from the county on the move — has been selling permits for $20 to individuals and $50 to businesses.

Snyder County Commissioner Joe Kantz said the board is working on solutions to help the municipalities address the problem. “People will have to pay to recycle. There’s no way to avoid it,” he said. Selinsgrove borough residents pay $48 a year to use the recycling and composting facilities and participate in the borough cleanup. Borough Manager Lauren Martz said the facility is monitored by an employee who makes sure that only borough residents are using it.

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Author: Marcia Moore, The Daily Item, Sunbury, PA, Yahoo