Geosynthetics play a vital role in the containment of solid and liquid waste in landfills, mining, energy, construction, oil and gas applications. To help design engineers accurately specify the materials needed, Solmax has launched an important online resource for engineers – its Geosynthetic Drainage Tool.

Geosynthetics are used to contain, drain and protect, but specifications will be impacted by a host of variables, from the physical environment to the properties of the waste or other materials to be contained. Solmax’s free online Geosynthetic Drainage Tool not only provides project engineers with the material properties for drainage geonets and geocomposites, it details the design procedures for using these materials in solid waste and liquid containment applications, and provides calculation equation sheets and interactive design examples.

We hope that it will help inform project and engineering design, raise standards and improve the success and longevity of critical applications around the globe.

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