Stena Recycling has started construction of its new battery recycling plant in Halmstad, announced in July. The site is located between Gothenburg and Malmö. The Swedish company aims to have the plant up and running in the first quarter of 2023. The construction plans have been known since this summer. However, Stena has not yet given any information on the schedule and capacity of the future factory. The company is now making up for this: Construction will start “in early autumn”. At the end of the first construction phase in Q1/2023, the plant will have an annual capacity of 10,000 tonnes and will recycle not only batteries from electric cars but also from electrical appliances.

In parallel, Stena Recycling is investing in an infrastructure for the collection and sorting of batteries to be sent to the Halmstad plant. Corresponding battery centres have already been built in Sweden, Poland and Germany. Others are to follow in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Italy. The aim is to collect batteries from all over Europe for the Halmstad plant.

“We are currently defining the technology we will use in the different stages of the recycling process,” Fredrik Pettersson, managing director of Stena Recycling in Sweden, elaborates. “As we are early adopters of this type of facility, it is exciting that we are breaking new ground and setting the standard in battery recycling.”

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Author: Cora Werwitzke,