On May 16th, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Chairwoman of Steuben County, Guénaël Prince, CEO of Waga Energy Inc., and Mike German, CEO of Corning Natural Gas, inaugurated the first WAGABOX® Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production unit at the Steuben County Landfill in Bath, New York. Approximately 80 people attended the ceremony, which included a tour of the WAGABOX® facility and a tour of the landfill.

This WAGABOX® unit commenced operations on March 15th, 2024, and will deliver up to 207,000 MMBtu (60 GWh) of RNG annually into the Corning Natural Gas network. The RNG produced replaces fossil derived fuels and is supplying the equivalent of 4,000 households annually with clean, local, and renewable energy, avoiding an estimated 13,500 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year. Corning Natural Gas, the local gas utility servicing the region, constructed the gas interconnect for this project and accepts the gas produced into its existing gas distribution system.

Steuben County is the first municipality in the United States to utilize Waga Energy’s WAGABOX® technology to upgrade its landfill gas into RNG. A result of 15 years of research and development, the WAGABOX® technology revolutionizes landfill gas upgrading through cryogenics. It maximizes the renewable energy production of landfills by producing pipeline-quality RNG, regardless of the landfill gas variations in flow rate and nitrogen concentration. Waga Energy now operates 23 WAGABOX® units worldwide with 14 more under construction.

Waga Energy will operate and maintain the WAGABOX® unit under a 20-year agreement with Steuben County. The project will generate revenue by selling RNG to a private offtaker through a purchase agreement. The revenue generated will be shared with the county.

The municipal solid waste landfill in Bath is authorized to dispose of 280,000 tons of waste per year. In July 2020, the County solicited proposals for a landfill gas utilization project. Waga Energy was selected as the preferred developer for the RNG project and has fully delivered on the project.

Kelly R. Fitzpatrick, Steuben County Legislature Chair, R-Bath Town, said: “This is a wonderful day for us and for future generations. Steuben County is proud to partner with Waga Energy and CNG to bring this project into reality.”

Guénaël Prince, CEO of Waga Energy Inc. (USA), said: “This joint project with Steuben County and Corning Natural Gas represents a major milestone in the fight against climate change and for the energy transition.”

Mike German, CEO of Corning Natural Gas, said: “We are delighted to be a part of this project that is bringing advanced clean technology to Steuben County.”

For more information, visit www.waga-energy.com