With Hurricane Florence quickly approaching the Southeast area of the country, Republic Services reminds area residents and businesses to properly secure waste and recycling containers before the storm. By spending a few minutes now to prepare with these simple steps, residents and businesses can help ensure their containers are secure, do not pose a risk to others and are positioned to help with clean up following the storm.

  • Move waste and recycling containers out of streets, parking lots and right-of-way areas so they don’t become a hazard during high winds, heavy rain or severe flooding.
  • Secure containers in a garage, under a carport or behind your residence, whenever possible, until after the storm. If containers cannot be moved to a safe area, secure them to a fence, tree or other heavy objects.
  • Close container lids to prevent rain from filling the container or wind from scattering debris.
  • Commercial customers with containers in corrals should also secure corral doors and locks to prevent any potential hazards.

Customers are reminded to check republicservices.com for alerts about any service interruptions. Service will resume when it is safe and areas are accessible. To access your Republic Services account remotely, download the My Resource app for iOS or Android.

For more information, visit republicservices.com.