New York-based electronics recycler, Sunnking, is offering people under COVID-19 quarantine a chance to earn cash during their pandemic spring cleaning. The company has launched, a website designed to help consumers sell their retired tech from the comfort of their couch. Users are free to submit “anything with a power cord or battery“, including items like microscopes, medical equipment, and smartwatches, as well as the traditional tablets, phones, and laptops.

According to the company, sellers just provide basic information on their device, upload a picture, and submit. From there, in-house pricing experts will then offer a payout amount that can be received instantly via PayPal, Venmo, or check – as well as shipping. The seller will be mailed a returnable box, pre-paid shipping label, and instructions on how to prepare their device. “This is a service, we hope, will help a lot of people financially struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. If it can cover the rent or even buy their family dinner, that’s what it’s here for,” said Robert Burns, Director of Marketing for Sunnking. was designed to find value in unused devices – if there is any – and if not, the sellers still have the option of sending the device to Sunnking for responsible recycling. “We know the past few months have afforded time to clean out closets and desks,” said Burns. “As an essential business allowed to stay open, we thought this program would be another way to reengage people on the importance of recycling.”

Sunnking predicts the buyback program should help reduce the number of electronic items found in landfills as many people aren’t sure what to do with their discarded devices. The company’s latest report shows nearly 30 million pounds of recyclables process through its demanufacturing warehouse each year. “Ideally, this service can find a way for devices to live a second life, and if not then we’re still able to mine the materials inside so those can be reused,” said Burns. is available now to anyone in the U.S. The announcement comes as Sunnking celebrates its 20th year offering clients throughout New York state electronics recycling, ITAD, and data destruction services.

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