Sustainable Green Team, Ltd., a leading provider of environmentally beneficial solutions for tree and storm waste disposal, today announces expansion of its vertically integrated operations with the addition of new grapple hauling trucks to its fleet. This further expansion builds on the Company’s July completion of construction projects at its waste management landfill facility, which increased its mulch manufacturing capability by 4 million bags per year within one shift.

SGTM collects debris from commercial clients and government agencies, both of which have constant high demand for recovery/collection services. To boost efficiency and keep up with the increasing demand, especially while Florida anticipates a very active storm season, the addition of more grapple hauling trucks to its fleet is essential to the Company’s growth.

Annually, grapple hauling trucks can each haul up to 1,250 loads, generate over $400,000 in gross revenue, and recover roughly 50,000 cubic yards of feedstock material that gets converted into reusable products for later use, such as mulch and public playground surfacing – the latter of which the Company is now able to offer through the IPEMA certification it attained in July.

Tony Raynor, SGTM’s CEO and director, comments, “Some great benefits of the use of grapple truck hauling are collecting revenue and building our feedstock for our rapidly growing mulch manufacturing business. Getting paid for your feedstock in the mulch business is a recipe for success and great profit margins. Another great advantage to owning a fleet of grapple trucks is they are one of the most efficient ways to collect storm debris after a hurricane, flood or ice storm. Storm recovery is a multibillion-dollar business, and we are prepared to help in any cleanup process. SGTM has multiple permitted recycling and manufacturing sites where we bring the collected material to be processed.”

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