Sustainable Green Team, Ltd. (SGTM), a leading provider of environmentally beneficial solutions for tree and storm waste disposal, announces completion on a dual line mulch bagger and fully automated electric grinding screening operation in Waste Management’s (WM) landfill facility located in Apopka, Florida, through its strategic alliance announced in October 2019.

Aside from achieving IPEMA certification last week for public playground surfacing material, tapping into a $4 billion market, the Company is now able to increase its mulch production by 4 million bags per year within one shift in the Apopka facility, which is strategically located in Central Florida for optimal reach. The completion on both the dual-line mulch bagger and fully automated electric grinding screening operations will allow full vertical integration at WM’s landfill by utilizing unused debris that would normally be buried there. The unused debris will now be reused and branded into a premium mulch product through the new, fully electric equipment installed within the facility.

Tony Raynor, SGTM’s CEO and director, comments, “This is a pivotal advancement. With our strong relationship with Waste Management, we are progressing toward achieving true green sustainability.”

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