SWANApalooza is the place to explore environmental solutions for integrated solid waste management. Hear about industry trends, explore the future forecasting from leaders in the industry, and gain a deeper understanding of the emerging areas for integrated solid waste management.

This year, SWANApalooza, SWANA’s premier technical conference, will take place in Boston, MA from February 25 – 28. The program revolves around today’s industry and developing the best solutions for the future. Here is a sneak peek into some of the excitement you can expect to experience at SWANApalooza 2019!

Inspiring and Visionary Keynotes
SWANApalooza 2019 is bringing a keynote lineup that will explore environmental solutions for integrated solid waste management. Keynote programming features visionary executives and influencers discussing the future of innovation and technology’s impact on the big issues facing our industry. Explore topics such as domestic recycling, marine litter initiatives, landfill technical operations, and safety best practices.

The New Normal in Recycling for 2019 and Beyond
Technology innovations and education campaigns are responding to demands for decreased contamination in materials sent for processing. We are building the future that will help communities meet their waste reduction goals.
Moderator: David Biderman, Executive Director and CEO, SWANA
Speakers: Bob Cappadona, Vice President, Casella Recycling; Corinne Rico, Senior Consultant, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.; Robin Wiener, President, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

Marine Litter—The Last Straw?
How do we prevent marine litter from getting into our waterways? Join our discussion of the future of marine litter education, research and funding for new ways to tackle plastic waste.
Speakers: Jenna Jambeck, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Georgia; Yuanyuan (Chris) Cui, Director, China Programs, Closed Loop Fund; Kara Lavender Law, Ph.D., Research Professor of Oceanography, Sea Education Association, Woods Hole Institute; Michael Witt, Ph.D., Corporate Director, Plastics Circular Economy, The Dow Chemical Company
Shrinking Capacity, Rising Cost in New England Waste Management
New England leaders explore how the Northeastern United States is adapting disposal and diversion practices to meet industry challenges. See how the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection is updating its solid waste master plan and the initial findings of a regional capacity analysis.
Moderator: Arturo Santiago, Managing Editor, MSW Management magazine
Speakers: Phil Goddard, Manager of Facility Compliance and Technology Development, Town of Bourne, Massachusetts; John Fischer, Commercial Waste Reduction and Waste Planning, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP); Kevin Roche, General Manager, ecomaine

State of Solid Waste 10 Years into a Business Cycle
Always one of the conference’s most popular speakers, Michael E. Hoffman, Diversified Industrials Research, Stifel, wraps up SWANApalooza with a look to the future of the solid waste business cycle, providing data that supports an optimistic view of solid waste volume. You will not want to miss this final session about how the future solid waste economy will impact your organization.
Speaker: Michael E. Hoffman, Managing Director and Group Head of Diversified Industrials Research, Stifel

SWANA Training Center
Co-located at SWANApalooza in Boston, SWANA Training Center offers learning, creativity and collaboration. Choose from multiple training courses or CEU FasTrack for recertification to continue your journey on the road to success with industry recognized training and education for solid waste and recycling professionals. Featured courses include Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO), Zero Waste Principle and Practices, and Landfill Gas Systems Operations and Maintenance.

Young Professionals @SWANApalooza
SWANApalooza offers specific events that highlights the interests and career aspirations of SWANA’s 35 and under segment—Young Professionals (YP). As a bonus, we are bringing SWANA’s MentorMatch program to life at the MentorMatch Mixer where you can meet and get connected with experienced professionals (mentors) willing to start a six-month mentorship where they can share their expertise with fellow colleagues (mentees) looking for career guidance or professional development within the solid waste management and recycling industry. Meet your peers, make connections, network and get involved!

SWANApalooza 2019 Tours
You put stuff out on the curb, and where does it go? Complete your SWANApalooza experience—participate in the unique tours being hosted while in the Boston area. This eye-opening experience leaves participants asking what they can do at home, school and work to extend the life of the landfill. Tour options include:
• E.L. Harvey & Sons is a full-service Waste and Recycling company located in Westborough, MA. The tour will take place at the company’s Westborough and Hopkinton campus. The operations at the Westborough campus will include an MSW transfer station, a commercial MRF, a C&D recycling facility, a food depackaging operation, and a paper baling operation. The Hopkinton campus will include a tour of E.L. Harvey & Sons’ single stream recycling plant.
• Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation tour will include an inside look at the Materials Recycling Facility, Small Vehicle Area, Eco-Depot, Leaf and Yard Debris Composting Operation, and the Central Landfill.

Registration is required. Sign up as part of your initial registration process.

SWANApalooza will bring together professionals from across the industry to create a one-stop-shop for exhibitors and attendees to participate in SWANA’s premiere assemblies: The annual Landfill Symposium, the Landfill Gas & Biogas Symposium, the Road to Zero Waste Conference, and the Spring Training event. Be a part of the conversation; hot topics this year include safety, technological advances and food disposal.

Through building connections with individuals in different industry areas and from across North America, participants can gain entirely new perspectives on their current solid waste and recycling processes. From discovering new technologies in the exhibit hall, to hearing a case study about the success of a similar facility, to exploring new technical research, learning comes in a variety of ways and at SWANApalooza learning is the priority.

“SWANApalooza is my favorite event in the solid waste industry,” said Cathy Hall, Solid Waste Manager at Pitkin County and SWANA’s Colorado Chapter Safety Ambassador. “It’s a concentrated group of individuals with ideas, presentations, solutions to things that are going on throughout the industry and brings everybody from around country.”
Attendees will have the opportunity to meet, brainstorm, network, and grow with others in their industry. SWANApalooza gives participants a chance to hear from the best in the industry. Join countless professionals as they dive deeper into these topics and many more as they build the way to a better future. We look forward to “Building the Future” with you in Boston!

For more information, visit SWANApalooza.org and use the promo code PB100 to save $100 off registration.