The custom drain project supports Dominion Energy’s coal ash removal efforts at the Chesterfield Power Station in Chester, VA.


Swiftdrain, a New York-based trench drain supplier, is proud to announce the completion of a custom radius trench drain for Dominion Energy. Working in partnership with engineers from Saiia Construction, Swiftdrain navigated supply chain challenges and successfully manufactured a custom pre-sloped drain in an unprecedented timeline. The Swiftdrain project uses a unique radius trench drain system. Made with durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) troughs and radius couplings, the drain is designed for fast installation, superior structural integrity and simple maintenance—essential factors for Dominion Energy’s safe, environmentally friendly coal ash removal project.

  • Swiftdrain delivered the trench drain ahead of schedule and within budget.
  • Company technicians helped design and deliver a suitable drainage system solving a complex drainage issue.
  • Material sourcing was smooth, despite significant supply chain implications.

“Engineers with Saiia came to us early in the design phase to assist in planning and developing a custom radial drainage system for Dominion Energy,” said Ankit Sehgal, CEO of Swiftdrain. “We are proud to have supported Dominion Energy in coal ash removal at the Chesterfield Power Station and share their commitment to environmentally sound innovation.”

Earlier this year, the industrial heavy civil contractor Saiia Construction approached Swiftdrain for help with a large-scale radius trench drain system. The proposed drain is one of the key elements in Saiia’s project with Dominion Energy Virginia, which involves removing 15 million cubic yards of coal ash from the Chesterfield Power Station. The project expects the removal process to take 13 years; to meet the high-stress industrial project’s demands, Swiftdrain worked closely with Dominion’s engineers to design a strong, durable radius trench drain system.

Considering an industrial coal ash job site’s conditions and traffic levels, Swiftdrain furnished a 6-inch-wide radius drain. The drain size can accommodate the expected water flow levels while preventing debris buildup and allowing easy maintenance. Radius couplings, which have a range of up to 3 degrees, provide the necessary design flexibility to fit the site geometry. Working with a tight timeline and industry-wide supply chain delays, Swiftdrain successfully sourced materials and furnished a pre-sloped trench drain that satisfies the project’s environmental goals. The drain components are made from durable, lightweight structural foam HDPE, which features UV inhibitors to prevent deterioration during the extensive coal ash removal project. The entire system can withstand the loads and freeze/thaw cycles at the site.

Swiftdrain and Saiia engineered the system for rapid installation, which was crucial given the short delivery time frame. The company notes the lightweight HDPE sections are easy for crews to install and the interlocking joints connect without clamps, screws or special tools. It believes this user-friendly design reduces labor requirements, which helped Saiia meet its installation timeline. In addition to the physical components, Swiftdrain provided engineered drawings and installation support. During the drain installation at the Chesterfield Power Station, Swiftdrain worked closely with Saiia Construction’s crew on the jobsite. As with all Swiftdrain projects, representatives offered daily support and technical resources to ensure an efficient and effective installation.

The project with Saiia Construction and Dominion Energy is only one of Swiftdrain’s recent accomplishments. Swifdrain recently furnished heavy duty trench drains for a new rail road station in Colorado. The company was recently awarded the new Coshocton County Emergency Medical Services facility in Ohio, the Brevard County Bus Depot in Coco FL and a production facility for Amgen Pharma in North Carolina.

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Dominion Energy is a North American power and energy company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia that supplies electricity in parts of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina and supplies natural gas to parts of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Dominion also has generation facilities in Indiana, Illinois, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Learn more by visiting
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