TechWaste Recycling announces the launch of TechWaste Recycling Scholarship Program. The program is for college and high school students to increase awareness of electronics recycling. The theme of the TechWaste Recycling Scholarship for 2022 is “How do you make an impact in your community with E-Waste Recycling?” The complete eligibility requirements for the TechWaste Recycling Scholarship are as follows:

  • High School Senior and college students of any major.
  • US Citizens, Green Card Holders or any Visa, foreign citizens living in the United States.
  • Must not be an employee or a family member of an employee of TechWaste Recycling and its Affiliates.

TechWaste Recycling Inc. believes that increasing awareness about electronic waste recycling bears enormous potential to initiate environmental change, and students — and all young people — will play an essential role in shaping the world’s future. By engaging with their community through electronic waste recycling, students can help build a cleaner environment. Through the Recycling Scholarship, TechWaste Recycling hopes to encourage students to be conscious and be part of the enormous work that is needed to limit climate change.

To apply, students must write an essay or create a video reflecting the current TechWaste Recycling Scholarship theme. Theme for the Scholarship is “How do you make an impact in your community with Electronic Waste Recycling?”. The students must post their essay on a website like,, or the school’s website. Alternatively, a video entry should be shared with public permission on YouTube or another video-sharing website. After the essay or video is posted, students should send the link using the form at The deadline for submission is April 15, 2023. Three winners will be announced on April 22, 2023 – Earth Day 2023. Three Individual winners will receive $1000, and each will receive a laptop.

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