The Dallas Area Municipal Authority will switch to dual-stream recycling — meaning paper and cardboard must be separated from plastics, glass and metal — in an effort to reduce costs. Customers of DAMA, which services Dallas borough and Dallas and Kingston townships, currently place all recycling materials into a single bin for collection, a process known as single-stream recycling.

The authority announced the policy change in a letter to DAMA customers included in the year’s first billing. However, the change will not take effect until late this year or early next year, authority Executive Director Thomas Keiper said. “It was just a preliminary announcement to get people ready,” Keiper said.

The authority included the letter with the year’s first billing since some customers pay for a full year of service in January and thus receive no subsequent bill, Keiper said. The switch to dual-stream recycling is driven by changes in the recyclables market, he said.

Several years ago, single-stream recycling became the industry standard by simplifying the recycling process and improving cost-efficiency, he said. However, in the past few years it has become more expensive to utilize the single-stream method, Keiper said. A major factor was the implementation of stricter environmental regulations in China, a large market for recyclables, he said.

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Author: Eric Mark, The Citizens’ Voice