Through a new partnership with Apparel Impact, a textile recovery and recycling company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, KVCOG began the implementation of 12 new collection points in nine communities throughout Kennebec and Somerset Counties.  These collection points are being provided to KVCOG’s communities at no cost, and will be maintained by Apparel Impact.

At these collection points, members of the local community may off any unwanted textile item at no cost. Clothing, bedding, towels, bags, purses, shoes, hats and much more can all be placed within the collection bins and therefore be kept out of the local landfill.

“Apparel Impact then collects these items and ensures that items in usable condition are donated to those in need right here in Northern New England,” stated KVCOG Environmental Planner Gabriel Gauvin. “Rather than sending these items into the waste stream, Apparel Impact ensures unusable items are recycled, becoming a textile commodity which can be made into usable fiber and return to the manufacturing supply chain.”

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Author: BDN Community