Asia Jones-Carr’s passion for recycling has been a constant during her 17-year career with the city so much so that she has written two children’s books aimed at encouraging the younger set to reduce, reuse and recycle. Jones-Carr’s first book, Where Does It Go?, tells children about the journey recyclables take in San Antonio after they are collected from residents’ blue bins, while her second book, What Happens? explains how composting and recycling organic materials work.

As a recycling coordinator for the City of San Antonio’s Solid Waste Management Department, Jones-Carr visits San Antonio schools and outreach centers, where she educates local residents about the benefits of recycling. She has made presentations to more than a hundred classrooms, ranging from Pre-K 4SA to senior centers.

Jones-Carr focuses on ensuring San Antonio residents know what type of materials can be recycled and on educating them about which bin each type of recyclable item goes into. “You would think a pizza box goes in your blue bin for recycling, right? Wrong! It goes in your green bin — since those boxes are made of organic material, paper — which comes from trees,” Jones-Carr said.

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Author: Lindsey Carnett, San Antonio Report
Image: Bria Woods, San Antonio Report