TIPA Compostable Packaging has announced it has acquired Bio4Pack, a European company in compostable packaging solutions. Bio4Pack has joined TIPA leadership to create a comprehensive compostable packaging portfolio, meeting the ever-growing interest for truly circular packaging solutions on the market.

The acquisition was signed today with Bio4Pack complementing TIPA’s offering for the compostable industry as its European end-applications solution provider. In addition to the wide range of products on offer, customers will now be able to purchase from TIPA three new products: paper packaging from agricultural waste, trays and nets.

The acquisition of Bio4Pack will also benefit customers with additional sales representatives in the Netherlands and Germany, as well as local warehousing facilities. The acquisition aligns with TIPA’s strategy of collaborating with industry leaders, expanding both geographically and in product portfolio and promoting sustainable solutions to combat the global plastic crisis.

To read the full story, visit https://www.freshplaza.com/europe/article/9526314/tipa-compostable-packaging-acquires-bio4pack/.
Author: Fresh Plaza
Image: TIPA