A local waste collection service announced it is taking steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the communities it serves. Kenny Chiarelli, owner of Freedom From Waste in Farmington, said his company wants to do everything they can to prevent community spread of COVID-19 through isolation of waste from customers who contract the virus.

“We are concerned that a customer will get the virus and that when our team members come into contact with their trash, the virus will quickly spread to thousands of local people,” Chiarelli said. “The virus has been tested and can live on surfaces, like metal, plastic, and cardboard, for up to four days.”

Chiarelli explained his concern is that if a person with the virus touches their trash can and trash collectors then touch that same trash can, they could have the virus on their work gloves. The next house’s trash can will then be touched with the same gloves and repeatedly spread hundreds of times per day.

He spoke of the precautions the company is taking to reduce the risk of spread and ensure the safety of the company employees. “We have provided respirators, safety glasses, disinfecting spray, and a surplus of gloves to our staff,” said Chiarelli. “Our model will be for team members to disinfect before starting routes, as well as frequently during and after routes. The trucks will be disinfected daily, and high contact areas will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day.”

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Author: Bobby Radford, Daily Journal Online
Photo: Freedom from Waste