TruckSuite™ LLC is now positioned to sell Noregon’s© enhanced, remote diagnostic application, TripVision® Uptime, empowering fleet personnel to manage their vehicles’ health, safety, and performance every step of the way. Noregon just launched TripVision Uptime powered by their own proprietary onboard hardware device called the ND2. Noregon has been working with TruckSuiteTM to make sure that its customer base would have easy access to the remote diagnostic application once it was ready for market. We are excited to announce that TruckSuiteTM can now share the great features of this remote tool with truck owners/operators.

TripVision Uptime with ND2 is available for all makes and models and is a web-based application that gives fleets and vehicle owners the ability to monitor the health, safety, and performance status of all their trucks in real-time, while performing remote functions that can reduce breakdowns and unexpected tow jobs.

TripVision Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Remotely clear fault codes allowing you to address problems instantly
  • Initiate bi-directional controls, including forced DPF regens and ACM resets
  • Configure vehicle parameters, including max road & cruise speeds, as well asenable/disable idle shutdown.
  • Color-coordinated health and safety scores that tell you which vehicles need attention.
  • Configurable alerts, including decreased fuel efficiency and out of range parameters
  • Predictive fault technology


“We are so excited to work with Noregon to bring the ND2 and TripVision Uptime to the marketplace. It presents our customers with incredible value by installing a solution that can quickly assist them at cutting costs, mitigating risks, enhancing customer experience and retention, and improving uptime,” said Lynn Murphy, Chief Executive Officer for TruckSuiteTM LLC.

“One of the best features of TripVision Uptime is that it has easy to follow calls-to-action so users can quickly detect problems and act on them, resulting in fewer breakdowns and extended uptime,” Murphy added.

With TripVision Uptime’s predictive health feature, users can address problems before they become costly issues. “Based on machine learning, we present TripVision Uptime users with predictive health scores when faults are expected to escalate into more serious issues. This includes the percentage likelihood of an escalation and a mileage range for when the escalation will likely occur, plus recommended action plans. Fleets who follow this advice will save a considerable amount of money by avoiding breakdowns and addressing issues before they become costly,” said Alec Johnson, TripVision Product Manager for Noregon.


“The trucking industry has longed for an easy to use predictive maintenance system for years so they can operate more efficiently. TripVision Uptime is the early detection system that can eliminate those awful days of ending up on the side of the road or in the repair shop, wasting time and money,” Johnson concluded.

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