Dayton will soon implement a new recycling rule that could result in customers who do not recycle the correct materials losing their services. Figuring out what can and cannot be recycled can be a guessing game for some. “We recycle about everything,” said Breanna Eutsler of Dayton. “I just try to look at the bottom of things. If it has a triangle then I put it in there, if it doesn’t then I don’t know.”

Dayton city officials say they have been finding trash in recycling bins. “It’s every day. Every day we pick up. It’s a constant,” said Fred Stovall, Director of Public Works. “Not putting the right thing in your recycling container makes it contaminated, trash,” he said.

When the recyclables are taken to the Rumpke facility and sorted, the more trash that is mixed in means a higher disposal fee for the city and ultimately the residents. “If they have to spend more time sorting through the stuff, that’s more time and labor for them to do that so that drives up our cost,” Stovall said.

A new “two strike” rule will be implemented as the city works toward its goal to cut costs in November. With the new rule, the first time you put the wrong materials in a recycling bin, workers will leave behind a sticker saying what can and cannot be recycled.

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Author: WHIO Staff, WHIO TV 7