The Union County Freeholders has approved an amendment to the county’s recycling plan that will pave the way for Linden Renewable Energy LLC a subsidiary RNG Energy Solutions LLC, of Hampton, New Hampshire, to build the $220 million plant on a 21.46 acre parcel at 4900 Tremley Point Road in Linden. The proposed facility will turn organic waste into natural gas along with other organic recycled material including liquid fertilizer.

The facility, which is being financed privately, requires approval from the state Department of Environmental Protection before the project moves forward. The Tremley location is currently owned by Linden Marine LLC, of Neptune. The operations of the proposed facility takes organic waste, such as unused foods from super markets and restaurants and converts the waste into organic byproducts such as natural gas, said LRE President James Potter at the freeholders virtual meeting.

The LRE plans on generating natural gas from organic waste provided by third party sources under contract with LRE. The facility will then take the natural gas derived by the recycled organic material and deliver it into the Texas Eastern Transmission Company interstate pipeline, according to LRE’s application field with the Union County Utilities Authority. Potter said the company plans on building its own pipeline from the Tremley Point site to connect to the TETCO pipeline. This pipeline will be approximately 4,000 feet, he said.

Providing organic materials to be processed into natural gas and liquid fertilizer will be trucks and potential barges from the Arthur Kill water source. The organic materials or “substrate” will be processed at the Linden site and converted into recycled byproducts like natural gas.

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