VLS Environmental Solutions, a leading provider of environmental solutions that helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals, announced the opening of a waste processing facility in Hockley, Texas.  The facility will provide processing of non-hazardous wastes with solutions such as waste-to-energy, solidification, recycling, and engineered fuel services and will service organizations from the Southwest to the West Coast. “We are excited about expanding our waste services and solutions with the Houston waste facility,” said John Magee, Present and CEO. “We continue to grow through grass roots facilities to provide our clients with nationwide services and to help them meet their sustainability goals.”

As a company this brings VLS’ facilities to 32 adding to their mission of delivering innovative environmental solutions. “We believe with the waste processing facility in Houston, we can continue providing industry-leading service to our clients in the Southwest but also provide the same level of service to our clients on the West Coast including California, ” said Keith Cordesman, Vice President of Waste Services Division.

“Safety is our top core value, and our facility will have state-of-the-art safety processes and procedures that ensure we uphold our top core value,” said Alex Polhemus, Vice President of EH&S.


For more information, visit www.vlses.com.