Washington Financial Bank partnered with Cyber Crunch to host its first ever Electronic Shred Day. The event was held at the Washington Mall Plaza location and was open to the public as a cybersecurity awareness initiative. “Everyone has a personal computer or data-bearing device in 2023,” said Anthony Brozovich, Information Security Manager at Washington Financial Bank. “Most people have old devices which are no longer used but still have private information. This information could be used maliciously by bad actors such as an identity thief. Therefore, it is important to sanitize this information and the devices which hold it.”

The event attracted a steady crowd and more than 1,600 pounds of electronic material was collected and recycled in compliance with federal, state, local and R2/RIOS requirements. All data obtained from materials given to Cyber Crunch is securely destroyed and never found in a landfill. After the material is shredded, it is recycled until it becomes a raw metal again and can be repurposed.

Washington Financial Bank Recycled More than 1,600 Pounds of Electronic Waste at the first Cyber Security Awareness Shred Event “For our business clients, it is a great way to show that your business cares about your clients’ data,” explained Barbara Flack, Director of Client Services at Cyber Crunch. “It brings awareness of Cyber Security, and it gives your company a chance to talk with your clients.”

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