Waste Harmonics announced it has acquired New Market Waste Solutions, a management and consulting company dedicated to designing and implementing cost-effective, sustainable solutions for clients in the waste and recycling industry across North America, spanning both Canada and the U.S.

With the acquisition, New Market Waste Solutions’ services will complement Waste Harmonics by leveraging sustainable waste and recycling programs and solutions. It will also provide customers with elite waste management services centered around quality customer service. New Market Waste Solutions currently utilizes OnePlus Fullness Compactor Monitor by Waste Harmonics as part of their smart services.

“I started New Market in 2001, and since then, it’s grown tremendously because of our incredible team and their commitment to providing our customers with the best solutions for their growing business needs,” New Market Waste Solutions CEO Robert Ryan said. “Waste Harmonics was the right choice for the next chapter of New Market. I’m excited and honored to bring together two companies that stand for similar values and qualities in the waste and recycling industry.”

The consolidation of Waste Harmonics and New Market Waste Solutions will form a powerful duo in waste, recycling and sustainability, blending the companies’ strengths in dedicated customer service, superior data and reporting, innovation and proactive partnerships. Waste Harmonics and New Market Waste Solutions share the same values with a focus on improving services to customers in various industries to implement cost-effective solutions that are more efficient and increase operational control at different stages in their waste and recycling journey.

“We could not be more excited to welcome New Market Waste Solutions to the Waste Harmonics team,” Waste Harmonics founder and President/CEO Michael Hess said. “This acquisition puts us in a great position to enhance and complement our efforts while leveraging our industry expertise and extraordinary service to our customers. It’s very hard to find top-notch customer service, industry experience and innovation in this industry, but Rob and his team run New Market Solutions very similar to Waste Harmonics and it’s a perfect fit in every way.”

For more information, visit www.wasteharmonics.com