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Recycle and Reuse: 10 Creative ways to recycle plastic bottles at home


Check out some videos taken at WASTECON 2016!


Big Truck Rentals

Whether you’re just getting started or your business is expanding, you have routes to cover and you need a fleet of trucks. But purchasing a new garbage truck can put a major strain on your cash flow. And the world of financing can sometimes be challenging… thankfully Big Truck Rental is here to help clear the way. Our Rent To Purchase plans help you avoid those new truck purchase pitfalls, and Big Truck Rental finds a way to get you that truck, with no down payment required and immediate delivery. And while you’re renting, you’re creating more credit and building equity in your truck every month… giving you a faster path to ownership. When you need a truck and want to avoid large outlays of cash, or want to start building equity with your fleet… count on a personalized Rent-to-Purchase plan from Big Truck Rental. www.bigtruckrental.com

Mac Trailers

Regardless of design, application or price your business depends on a trailer that will give you peak performance, no matter how tough the job or aggressive load, and MACTrailer stands ready to be tested.

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Side Load Trucks

Side Load Garbage Truck refers to a trash truck with an arm or lift on its side (rather than the rear or front), which is used to grab the waste carts and dump them into the awaiting container.  These types of Refuse Trucks are gaining popularity for their efficiency and agility in navigating small streets.

An automated Side Loader Truck only requires one operator since the arm is operated from within the cabin.  Traditional trash trucks require two or three laborers—one to drive and one or two to load the trash.  Therefore, even though it would cost money to install, a Side Loading Garbage Truck can be much more cost effective than other traditional trash trucks in the long run.  These types of trash trucks also help reduce worker injuries that are very prevalent with a traditional trash truck; this is because the workers would no longer be directly handling the trash, which is known can cause shoulder, arm, back and other injuries due to exposure to certain potentially hazardous materials such as broken glass. One slight disadvantage that some of these models have is that they require compatible wheeled carts be used; this means that if a town wants to convert to a side loader truck, they would have to update their local trash cans to these models, which is a definite expense.

We have a variety of New & Used Side Load Garbage Trucks for Sale in the MarketPlace.