Raymond Pawlak, a 25-year resident of DeBary, FL is crediting two Waste Pro crew members with saving his life. According to a letter sent by Pawlak to Waste Pro’s Daytona Beach, FL Division, he was lying in his driveway when Haley Burdett and James Gorman pulled up in a recycling truck to collect his items on February 28th. Pawlak said Burdett alerted his wife while Gorman called 911 and remained on the line with dispatchers to answer questions while waiting for first responders to arrive.

Pawlak revealed that when he got to the hospital, his pulse had dropped dramatically and was no longer sending blood to his organs, including his brain. “Undoubtedly, Haley and James saved my life and I am eternally grateful,” he wrote in the letter.

As a reward for the Waste Pro duo, Daytona Division Manager Ken DeForest gave them each a Franklin Award ($100). It is situations like this, he said, that have earned Waste Pro the reputation as the “distinguishable difference” in the industry.

“They never said anything about the incident until this letter came to us. When I asked why, they told me ‘it didn’t slow us down, so we didn’t say anything,’” DeForest said. “Real heroes seem to always be humble about what they have done.”

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