A Wayne Township Landfill employee is making his mark outside of the business. Chase Weise attended the SWANA International Road-E-O in El Paso, Texas, on Oct. 14 and 15. He took home first place in the Top Gun: Landfill competition and the Landfill: Articulated Dump Truck competition. Weise represented WTL in each. The competitions involve an obstical course operators have to run through, according to Weise. “This year was exceptionally tough, I thought, from years past,” he said.

SWANA has a competition for trucking and equipment. There are multiple different classes for both competitions including: the overall Top Gun competition for mechanics, landfill operators and truck operators; a truck competition for tractor trailers, front loaders, tire loaders, rolloffs, side loaders and rear loaders; the mechanic competition for both landfills and trucks; and the landfill competition with compactors, dozers and articulated dump trucks.

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Author: Chase Bottorf, The Express
Chase Bottorf, The Express