Harness the Power of Environmental Intelligence to Maintain a Sustainable Operation

Global municipal solid waste – a major cause of odor complaints around landfills – is expected to rise from 2.01 billion tons in 2016 to 3.40 billion tons in 2050.

Frost & Sullivan’s latest report on Environmental Intelligence uncovers how organizations are planning on using environmental data to unlock value beyond compliance.

As industries reimagine how they use technology to transform business, leverage and extract more value out of data, and build sustainable communities, environmental intelligence is expected to be at the forefront.

In this report, more than 270 Executives and Senior Managers were interviewed:

  • Over 50% have experienced dramatic impacts on their organization on account of environmental factors over the last 3 years
  • They rated environmental factors impacting financial bottom line through stoppage due to complaints, community opposition or HSE breaches as a 7/10
  • Over 50% mentioned ‘cost pressures’ as current challenges in environmental management for their organization

Watch the recording of Envirosuite and Frost & Sullivan’s panel discussion on essential insights from the report and what they mean for solid waste operations and public authorities.


About the Panellists:

(1) Simon Heath: Director, Strategic Solutions for Airports & Moderator at Envirosuite
(2) Ivan Fernandez: Senior Fellow and Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan
(3) Ryan Smyth: Managing Director & Mining Solution Provider at Stratium Group