RouteSmart Online: Controlling Collection Chaos in the Waste Industry



There are a lot of challenges facing waste haulers right now. Retaining and hiring good drivers. Struggling with high gas prices. Ensuring employee safety. Adjusting to rapid changes in technology.

One way to meet these challenges is to have a digitized route plan that reduces the amount of fuel consumed, keeps drivers safe and happy, and sequences large, gas-guzzling trucks on the most efficient collection path.

RouteSmart Online has been helping our clients build intelligent route plans for more efficient operations since 2010, and this year, we are excited to roll out this streamlined, intuitive route planning solution for our clients in the waste industry who need to control the collection chaos of residential and commercial waste management.

Jessica Cearfoss, Senior Business Development Manager for RouteSmart Technologies, explains the evolution of RouteSmart Online and how the web application will support the waste and recycling industry by helping public and private haulers build the most intelligent route plans to reduce fuel, mileage, and driver turnover while maximizing safety and efficiency.

RouteSmart Online provides a lower cost of entry and faster time to value for clients who want to explore route planning and optimization solutions. This web app for the waste industry is a substantial pivot from our traditional desktop platform to a hosted subscription service. It is powered by RouteSmart RaaS (Routing as a Service), high-performance route optimization engine.

RaaS is responsible for routing hundreds of thousands of drivers daily for some of the largest private and public fleets around the world.

In addition, RouteSmart Online is highly scalable and can benefit just about any organization responsible for waste and recycling collection. It is simple to use and to deploy. The solution incorporates a highly intelligent, automated operating plan while retaining local driver area knowledge.

This institutional knowledge produces sensible routes and provides maximum value. For a long time, we have heard from dispatchers and drivers that they would like to have more influence over the order of service, particularly when entering areas or neighborhoods with a similar composition. While route-planning algorithms are great at details like minimizing left turns, understanding side-of-street collection requirements, there’s an element of human knowledge that can’t be ignored.

RouteSmart Online Dispatcher Edition was released this summer, and we expect our clients to begin taking full advantage of the new features as we roll out this web app over the next six months. With all the changes going on in your business right now, you can’t afford to have inefficient, unsafe routes that waste time, mileage, and fuel.


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Jessica Cearfoss