While more expensive than traditional cleaners, these effective green household cleaning products are made from plant-derived ingredients and have a smaller carbon footprint. That’s an improvement, and young consumers are willing to pay more for products free from toxic chemicals. But according to Sunny Bhasin, whose company Renew Techchnologies, Ltd manufactures CYCLE, the world’s first recycled household cleaners, we can do even better.

CYCLE manufactures everyday household cleaning products – such as a toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner – from nothing but all-natural soap, citric acid, oil-based fragrance, derived organic acids, pure water and waste water. The base of CYCLE products is, in fact, one of the byproducts of biological wastewater treatment facilities, known as biosolids. Usually, biosolids are considered a worthless byproduct of treating wastewater, and disposal is both expensive and cumbersome. But with CYCLE, Renew Tech has figured out how to recycle these biosolids and turn them into your everyday green household cleaners.

In addition to running CYCLE, for over 25 years Bhasin has been designing and building facilities that create clean water. The clean water business encompasses wastewater treatment from municipal and industrial sources. Renew Tech separates the waste from the water. “One of my favorite ways of describing what we do is telling people that if it flows and stinks, think of us,” says Bhasin. His company has worked on everything from small projects that help villages with a few hundred people up to large projects for cities such as Budapest. On the industrial front, they have designed and built facilities for many industries, including paper, food, pharma, oil and gas, chemical, and automotive.

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Author: MeiMei Fox, Forbes
Photo: Daniel Berger, Forbes