Cindi Tiger has watched and participated in the growth of Waste Pro from just five operating locations to more than 80 across the Southeast. In 2003, Cindi had been working at Walmart as a Customer Service Manager. The job was fine, she said, but in her heart, she wanted to pursue a career in administrative work. Luckily, a friend worked for Waste Pro at the time and told her they were hiring – and the rest, as it goes, is history. “I enjoy working for Waste Pro, it’s a wonderful company,” she said.

Cindi began her Waste Pro career at the corporate office in Longwood, FL doing billing and accounting for five divisions. Over time, she has dipped her toes in nearly all aspects of the company short of driving a route. As Waste Pro grew, she moved to the Orlando division as Office Supervisor where she managed residential services, accounting, customer service, and more.

In 2009, Cindi was offered a position as Office Manager in Cocoa – a role in which she hoped to fill from the beginning. “I’ve reached my goal, I am proud to have become an office manager,” she said. “I’m proud to work the Cocoa division and love the terrific team here. I hope I continue working here and growing until I retire.”

As Office Manager, Cindi wears many hats including payroll, routing, dispatching, hiring, and even running the division. “Earlier this year, we were without a Division Manager in Cocoa for a brief period,” said Central Florida Regional Vice President Erik Sankey. “Luckily, with all the experience in so many different facets of the business she has gained over the years, she was able to jump right in and step up to support the division during that transitional time. Thanks to her, things ran smoothly and our customers never noticed any changes.”

It’s a small operation, she said, but she is thankful to have the support she needs to meet deadlines and to ensure everything is done on time. Due to the dramatic growth during the 20 years since Waste Pro was founded, Cindi said she doesn’t know everyone like she did in the beginning, but it’s been exciting and a learning experience to watch team members grow with the company. “We’ve grown so big and now I hear all these new names,” she said. “It’s a great accomplishment on John Jennings’ part. He doesn’t treat you like most managers – he talks to you like you’re a real human being.”

Even after all her time with the company, Cindi is still experiencing new things. Just recently, she said, she accompanied a driver on a roll-off truck for the first time to see what it is like. “I thought it was the neatest thing in the world to watch how our roll-offs operate and to understand the see how a construction and debris landfill operated. I had to go back to the office but it was so exciting, I wanted to stay for the whole day!”

It hasn’t been lost on Cindi that she works in an industry largely comprised of men. But she said it has never been an issue for her and other women shouldn’t be deterred from pursuing a career in the waste industry. “Do what you need to do and be the best that you can be at your job,” she said. When she’s not working, Cindi is a self-proclaimed movie buff and likes playing darts.

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