Construction work has begun on the last section of the South Kent Landfill in Grand Rapids. The Kent County Department of Public Works (DPW) says Cell 56 will comprise the last 6.1 acres of the landfill, which will come out to a total of 105.43 acres when completed.

Board members voted in favor of the cell’s development in January. “We are working hard to achieve our goals to divert landfill waste and create a community where we all reduce, reuse, repair, repurpose and recycle in order to protect our environment,” says Director Dar Baas. “Breaking ground on the final piece of the South Kent Landfill is likely the last time the Board of Public Works will need to make the decision to construct more landfill, which is exciting.”

More than 306,000 tons of waste were added to the landfill in 2022, according to DPW. After the new cell is added, the landfill is estimated to hit capacity by the end of the decade. Before then, DPW plans to begin diverting 90% of the county’s landfill-bound trash.

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Author: Fox 17