With so much coverage on issues of climate change in the media, it’s difficult not to be conscious of our daily use of products including items like single use plastic and fast fashion items. There is almost a constant guilty feeling because it’s such a populist topic at present. However. it is something that we shouldn’t shy away from because the changing climate is something to concern us all.

Bea Johnson was the first advocate of the zero waste movement and she has now become a worldwide figure and inspiration on the matter. While achieving zero waste in a home is a significant goal, it might not be realistic to everyone. However, any efforts towards reducing our carbon footprint and waste output surely can only be seen as a positive move. It’s possible to make even small changes in our behavior such as having a reusable coffee or water cup or making a conscious effort to recycle more.

The guys at EZ Living have put together the below infographic that documents everything you need to know about Zero Waste Homes. It begins by explaining exactly what the concept “zero waste” means; it details why we should aim for a zero waste home; it highlights the zero waste hierarchy; it outlines the 5 R’s of zero waste and it also focuses on actionable ways of creating a zero waste home. Check out the full infographic below.