Portable work platforms provide an authoritative presence and protected position to control traffic flow entering the active working face.
By Shannon Harrop

Every landfill, whether large or small, has pressing safety challenges due to the nature of the environment and activities—large vehicles and equipment moving about, customers and employees active outside the protection of their vehicles and equipment, irregular and unstable driving and walking surfaces, and high noise levels, just to name a few. All of these factors increase the risk of accidents and injuries. Communication is paramount to maintaining a safer work environment.

Spotter Stands are designed to be portable and easily moved with existing landfill equipment. Attachments are available for forklift, blade or bucket lift.

Let ‘em Know Who is in Charge
The key to clear communication is to first establish an authoritative presence from which to communicate. Portable work platforms, or spotter stands, can easily be implemented at landfill traffic areas to provide a substantial structure with high visibility color and signage to direct traffic flow and communicate important messages. Safety protocols—such as a complete work stoppage on the working face—can be directed from this central location. If verbal communication and hand signals are not enough, the structure allows for a mounting support for airhorns or beacon lights for more widespread communication.

Ever-Changing but Still the Same
A portable work platform allows the location to change, but the presence to remain consistent to landfill customers and employees. As perpetually moving construction areas, landfills are constantly changing but the elements within the processes should remain as consistent as possible. To have a recognizable and consistent presence to receive instruction is an important communication tool.

The portability comes by way of typical landfill equipment such as a bucket loader, dozer or forklift-compatible tractor that can be used to move the spotter stand with a compatible integrated adjustable lifting apparatus.

CommandPOST™ Spotter Stands provide a protected position and authoritative presence to control landfill operations.

Keep the Commander Safe and Comfortable
Landfill staff need to be as comfortable as possible to remain alert and aware to keep the landfill operation running safely. That may mean taking cover from a variety of weather conditions. To improve the work environment, stands can be equipped with shade covers, air conditioners, heaters, worktables, lights, and other features to create a comfortable and consistent work space.

Location, Location, Location
With landfill sites constantly changing, portable work platforms can be positioned in areas that are known as more permanent features, such as the active traffic deck near the tipping face or to divide incoming and outgoing traffic for better communication, or in temporary positions at a fork in the road to communicate different classifications of disposal areas. An elevated position can also allow for a visual check of contents in trailers or containers.

Left:Elevated work position allows for eye contact to communicate clearly when directing traffic.
Middle and right: Workspaces can be customized with modular work tables, sliding windows, sign placards, full weather enclosures, among others.

Safety and Comfort are Reassuring
A substantial structure to work from will empower employees and increase their presence to communicate more authoritatively. This space also provides safety for landfill staff and reassurance that their job function is critical to the success and safety of the operation. A simple tent canopy for shade or even a pickup truck offer less of a commanding presence to work from. Employees will know they are valued when they have a safe space to conduct their work.| WA

Shannon Harrop is Division Vice President for the Industrial Division of Southwestern Sales Company. The company manufactures and markets several landfill working face products under tarpARMOR and other brands including: CommandPOST Spotter Stands, WindARMOR Portable Litter Fences, Tactical Textile ADC Tarps, tarpARMOR TDS Tarp Deployment Systems, and FODS Trackout Control Mats. For more information, contact the tarpARMOR team at (800) 427-9368, e-mail [email protected], or visit www.tarpARMOR.com.