As an independent publisher with a mission of reaching and serving key professionals in the waste and recycling industry, a solid qualified readership is vital to the editorial integrity and economic success of our publication.

Today the B2B media landscape has changed dramatically, and our audience is a dynamic asset. With the growth of digital media, the stakes for accurate and current audience data are higher than ever. While third-party audience audits were designed decades ago for print media, we have built a database and audience development strategy that exceeds the standards required by traditional auditing firms. Our publication has chosen to use our monetary resources toward delivering a quality monthly magazine and a rigorous internal subscriber qualification protocol, rather than indeterminate and highly costly third-party auditing. The processes we developed to collect and verify data are more tedious and transparent and the obsession with accuracy far exceeds BPA’s requirements, as well as that of most B2B media companies.

Waste Advantage Magazine subscribers are 100 percent qualified through direct written (i.e., trade shows, conferences), verbal or Internet request. We are highly committed to qualifying our readership through detailed pre-subscription screening and ongoing annual verification conducted by our circulation department throughout the year to keep pace with the moves industry professionals are making. Circulation is charged with finding not only the right companies, but individuals who hold the right job titles at those companies. This approach has helped us achieve a consistently fresh list. Having the most up-to-date names leads to higher match rates and more marketing results. Our extensive list of large corporate and smaller regional advertisers continues to derive value and validate our reach as evidenced by repeat annual campaign advertising and implicit recognition of our impact and thought leadership position in the waste and recycling industry.

In addition, as publishers begin to map their digital audience data with platforms, such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, accurate data is key, we use industry-standard reporting platforms that are universally used and trusted: Google Analytics for website traffic and Google Ad Manager (GAM) for serving banner ad campaigns.

As a result, not using BPA audit saves us resources that we can put to far better use: identifying and qualifying new audience members or our advertisers. Third-party audience audits made sense when B2B media was mostly about print. Today, with the shift to digital, programmatic, and multi-channel, the various platforms, processes, and systems that make up the modern B2B media company’s audience eco-system must be designed with transparency and data quality at its core.

Over the years, we have added many readers to our publication’s print and digital circulation, and we have continued to grow every facet of our audience, especially with regards to hauling recycling, transfer stations, landfills, waste conversion, and, most recently, packaging, sustainability, and reuse. Waste Advantage Magazine will continue to increase our presence both nationally and internationally by exhibiting at trade shows, growing our web site presence, attending industry conferences, providing digital promotions, sponsoring important events, and more in order to increase readers and stay involved where possible throughout the industry.

We stand by the results of our audience development efforts every single day, in plain view of every advertiser who runs a campaign with us. We are gladly open to further describe our economic rationale and audit processes at your request.