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  • FMCSA to Withdraw Safety Fitness Rule
  • OSHA’s ‘Safe and Sound’ Campaign Assists Employers in Keeping Workplaces Safe and Healthy
  • Inver Grove Plant Would be First in U.S. to Turn Garbage into Ethanol
  • Massachusetts Reduces Waste, Hauls Trash Out-of-State as Landfills Close
  • Long Island Garbage Barge of ’87 Still Influences Solid Waste Disposal
  • Pulverizing Electronic Waste is Green, Clean, and Cold
  • ARIES Clean Energy Rebranding for Innovation and Growth
  • Two Safety-Oriented Companies Join SWANA’s Affinity Program
  • EREF and WasteExpo to Hold Summit on Leachate Treatment and Management at WasteExpo
  • NYSERDA Report Finds Diverting Food Scraps From Landfills Could Produce Net Benefit of up to $22 Million Annually
  • Nevada Trash Legislation Introduced to ‘Level Playing Field’ for Waste Management Companies
  • Slow and Steady: How to Grow a Small Fleet
  • New Recycling Programs Could Be Coming To Phoenix
  • Getting Rid of Waste the Clean Way: Redwood City Company Finds a Way to Turn Biosolids into Fertilizer with No Energy
  • Study: Remove Food from Landfills, Save Money, Cut Emissions
  • PLASTICS Releases Plastic Bottles Today: Innovating to Reach Today’s Consumer
  • Research Program Announces Flexible Packaging Recycling Pilot, Seeks MRF Partner
  • Plastics Recycling Event Draws Record Attendance
  • White House Seeks to Cut EPA Budget 31% as Trump Targets Regulation
  • European Parliament Backs 70 Percent Waste Recycling by 2030