Vermeer – The making of the Vermeer duplex drum


A good drum makes all the difference when it comes to the performance and reliability of grinders in the marketplace. “The drum is the heart of any grinder, and it has to last,” says Vermeer Recycling and Forestry Product Manager Jeff Bradley. The patented Series III duplex drum incorporates innovative technologies that make tree grinder maintenance convenient to help extend the wear life of your equipment.

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WIS Navigator does much more more than show your collections on a map! It will guide your driver, collection by collection, through the most efficient service route. At the turn of your truck ignition key, the WIS on board computer will show your driver exactly where to go and what to collect. It gives the agility for any driver to drive any route. Visit us at today to arrange your demo and see how WIS can revolutionize your operations.



Young inventors and entrepreneurs across the world are coming up with new ways to deal with waste. These businesses are paving the way for a new generation of creative solutions to our trash problem.



At Superior Signals, Inc., we pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer of quality warning products, electrical components and accessories for equipment and vehicles.


These days you don’t have to look far to find gloom and doom. Global warming, soaring fuel and food prices, on and on it goes. But Liz Hayes has managed to find a tiny glimmer of hope, a community that’s beating the 21st century blues. A place that gives “people power” a whole new meaning. There are no electricity or water bills, they grow their own food and recycle everything. They’ve simply unplugged. Once it was dismissed as just a hippy-trippy dream, now it’s a great, practical idea that’s spreading around the world. And the good news is, it’s painless. The good life, with all creature comforts intact.