Metso M&J 4000-8 Shredding Paper Mill Rags

Metso Denmark (formerly known as M&J) is crushingly reliable when it comes to the supply of stationary and mobile shredding equipment. M&J Shredders, manufactured by Metso Denmark, offer a unique, patented cutting-table and knife design that has made the company a leading producer of primary shredders. Known for their pre-shredding, shredding, crushing and grinding abilities, these rugged units can be found in many plastic recycling and incineration plants, hazardous waste processing facilities, transfer stations, C&D recycling plants, landfills, RDF/SRF/PEF production facilities and many more processes. M&J Shredders can be found in over 700 installations around the globe.
In this video you will see how the Metso M&J 4000-8 Shredder cuts up Paper Mill Rags to recover the wires and produce an alternative fuel from the plastic.

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Sparkling Bins Dumpster Cleaning Systems… Capable of cleaning 80 bins per hour

Sparkling Bins specializes in residential and commercial cleaning…cleaning over 2,000 trash & recycle bins (cans) per week, as well as building state of the art truck and trailer mounted bin cleaning devices. Our Universal Hydraulic 1 & 2-bin lifter are custom engineered for bin washing…the only one in the industry!! All of our equipment is manufactured in the USA, and all parts are readily available through Sparkling Bins or through the manufacturer. Our bin cleaners have been proven to clean over 200 bins per day. Our bin cleaners can also be used for residential and commercial pressure washing. We also offer a full waste water recovery system, which allows you to clean 2, 4, 6 and 8 yard commercial dumpsters. Additional options also include a 9–stage water filtration system.


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Vermeer Recycling Equipment

Designed with innovations that help improve productivity, streamline maintenance and protect operators, Vermeer compost turners, horizontal grinders, tub grinders, and trommel screens are built to last and are fully supported with parts and service from your local Vermeer dealer.


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