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Historical data for environmental compliance can only provide industrial operations so much information. It’s difficult to act without a clear understanding of your site’s emissions and how they change over time, or what’s happening right now. Industrial operations today need to identify problematic air quality emissions as they unfold, generate noise reporting at a moment’s notice and get the right information to mitigate impact from multiple pollutants. EVS Omnis offers situational awareness of industrial operations like never before. Operational teams can unlock value beyond compliance to make confident decisions that optimise operational outcomes, minimize environmental risk and improve transparency. Our software solution paints a complete picture of your site’s emissions, enabling you to focus mitigation efforts where needed. EVS Omnis combines real-time data from environmental monitoring network with local weather data to bring you the right information for maintaining regulatory compliance.


Dumpster Sanitizing by Sparkling Bins

Our Bin Washing system is one of a kind! This will be a game changer for bin washing Industry.

Residential Cleaning • Commercial Cleaning • Stationary Cleaning
** Can pick up 2 bins at a time using 8 gallons of water. Our main focus is to provide the most efficient trash bin cleaning systems in the industry. Our new model will realize savings between 12-15k annually in gas, maintenance and labor. Watch the complete video for in depth details. We have only 2 patents remaining for our latest Bin washer. ORDER NOW!! Have questions!! Enquire more about us by connecting with us on on different platforms.

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OC Waste & Recycling is excited to partner with OC Department of Education’s Inside the Outdoors program to bring engaging classroom, after school and summer school programs to teachers and students.

Providing teachers with the much needed tools to meet standards-based requirements, while building future stewards of our environment. Not only do kids learn about recycling best practices, but they also understand the importance of their role, and how small changes directly impact the local resources in our own backyards, such as preserving landfill space, reducing greenhouse gasses, and generating new resources such as energy and renewable gas. It’s rewarding to see students lead the charge at home, at school and in their communities with what they learn.”

As they celebrate America Recycle Day, students from Adelaide Price Elementary School in Anaheim are turning their lessons from curriculum developed by OCDE’s Inside the Outdoors environmental education program and OC Waste & Recycling into daily habits. These students are recycling and composting every day and their hope is to inspire other people to do their part in protecting the environment.