The Importance of Material Recovery & Recycling for the Sustainability Webinar

With correct waste management and MRF management, the contribution to sustainability can be increased and the future can be better shaped. Correct management can only be achieved with a traceable and reportable system.



Achieving high fleet safety standards with technology

The Waste and Recycling industry is the 7th most dangerous industry to work for in the United States. As scary as that statistic sounds, it is actually an improvement from the 4th most dangerous spot from a few years ago. With over 60% of the safety issues coming up in the fleet sector of the business, fleet managers in the waste industry are at the forefront of fighting the dangers that come with the job. In this webinar we’ll showcase how modern waste fleets are improving safety, driving better outcomes for their businesses. Real-life examples will be showcased with practical advice on how to improve safety.


Improving Markets for Recycling Commodities

We need to improve markets for recyclable materials and recyclable products and better integrate recycled materials into product and packaging designs. The national strategy has identified these targets.



Streamlining Waste Management in Healthcare

Are you looking for ways to better manage, maintain, and streamline your waste management program? Waste streams within the healthcare industry can be misunderstood, underrepresented, and sometimes even missed altogether. This free webinar offers some tips and tricks for building a sustainable, compliant, cost-effective, safe, and simple waste management program.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Gain a better understanding of the full lifecycle of waste streams within the healthcare industry
  • Discover new opportunities to save time, resources, and money
  • Learn how to incorporate sustainability and best management practices in the world of clinical and non-clinical hazardous waste, regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and more


The Better Public Space Waste Solution: A Win for Haulers, Container Solutions Providers and Your Customers

Cities across the country face unique waste management challenges, working in partnership with haulers to service public spaces. Each city strives to create clean and safe spaces for visitors, residents and businesses; this requires significant time, labor and financial resources on behalf of both the city and its contracted teams. To achieve public space waste objectives effectively and efficiently, there is no one-size-fits-all waste management solution.

Municipalities leverage Bigbelly’s world-leading waste system to address aesthetic, public health and operational challenges by deploying customized solutions exactly where and how they’re needed. Cities deploy Bigbelly in a variety of public spaces, such as downtown city centers, parks, schools and event venues, each with its own distinctive waste patterns, collection needs and maintenance requirements. With the Bigbelly solution, cities and haulers:

  • Hide and contain waste in public spaces
  • Implement consistent waste infrastructure throughout the city
  • Increase waste capacity
  • Reduce waste collections and reallocate labor resources
  • Introduce uniform recycling programs
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions