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In the Spotlight:
Revolution Recovery: Positioning the Company at the Front Line of Innovative Solutions
Constantly looking to improve and diversify the outlets for recovered materials so that they can continue diverting material from landfills, even as markets change, Revolution Recovery is playing defense and looking for opportunities to jump on new technologies.

Landfills: Subterranean Landfill Fires: The Cause and Solutions
Using a Piezo-Penetrometer Test to analyze subsurface conditions at the landfill can provide extensive information and allow for a fast and effective diagnosis of the problem. By measuring gas concentrations and temperatures around the area of concern, conclusions can be made about the cause of the fire and the best approach to extinguishing it.

Training: The Shortage of Landfill Operators: Why Training to Certify is the Answer
Is operating a landfill a dying art?

Waste Transportation: Evaluating a Rail Location
Waste and recycling companies should evaluate their basic logistics plan, including where you ship from and where you ship to. It is an ongoing effort and even after a plan is implemented, tedious care must be given to maintaining transportation options.

Risk Management: Operational Risk Management in the Waste Industry
An effective tool for leaders to use in evaluating their workforce in a high-risk environment

Leachate Management: Maintaining a Careful Balance
In addition to removing excess water from the landfill, a VSEP RO membrane system provides an economical solution that can reduce operating costs for landfills considering hauling or evaporation.

Truck Equipment: Providing a Safer View: Steps to Identifying Possible Blind Spots and Their Solutions
Putting the control back in the hands of the operator by providing them with the tools they need to perform their jobs safely, increases the safety of all roadways and the vehicles that use them.

Industry Resource
Carton Council: Breaking Through Misconceptions
With the recycling rate at 16 percent for cartons, which has increased 6 percent from 2013, the Carton Council is committed to continuing to driver growth of the carton recycling rate through a comprehensive strategy that touches the entire recycling chain as well as strong partnerships and collaborations. Jason Pelz, Vice President of Recycling Projects for the Carton Council of North America and the Circular Economy for Tetra Pak, discusses the organization’s progress and future goals.

Landfill Case Study: Utah Landfill Shuffles, Gains Space
GPS rover and level/slope measuring system help relocate garbage to gain 2.3 million yards of landfill space.

Maintenance: Measuring Maintenance with the Correct Blend of Leading and Lagging Indicators
Having a tight set of leading and lagging indicators monitors the performance and costs of maintenance operations with considerably more granularity and precision.

Safety Brief: Storm on the Horizon: How to Prepare for the Next Big One
A preparedness plan to address storms including hurricanes, floods and tornadoes is critical to every solid waste and recycling operation. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. The Pacific hurricane season runs May 15 to November 30. However, big storms can happen anywhere and at any time. Be prepared.

Get to Know…Paul Ross
Vice President, American Waste Control