Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., manufacturer of proprietary waterless engine coolants, is pleased to have 7 time National GNC Flat Track Champion Chris Carr represent the brand through his business CC4, LLC at powersports events around the nation. Chris Carr is intimately familiar with Evans’ waterless coolant as he used it himself for years during his competitive career. “Evans Coolant was my secret weapon for ten years” Carr often tells other racers now.

While Evans Coolant has been embraced by teams in racing due to its high boiling point and low pressure, often it’s Carr’s celebrity status that brings people to him. “I could buy my coolant anywhere, but it’s really fun to call Chris up and chat for a moment as we take care of business.” says one competitor. Carr also has the ability to set shops up as Evans dealers, which is important because so many of the race teams are operated directly out of dealerships that support the series.

Flat track motorcycle racing takes place on a dirt oval that often gets packed down hard enough to resemble a paved surface. The machines have no front brake and a rider’s ability to slide the rear into the turn is vital for both slowing the bike and getting it turned. With speeds well north of 100 MPH and other racers always in tight formation, this American sport is considered by many to be the most exciting form of racing available.

Chris Carr will be joining Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. again this year at the AIMExpo October 16-19 in Orlando, FL. He can be found at the Evans booth #2130 or on the floor throughout the event.

For more information, visit www.evanscooling.com.