On October 16th, DoT released the Special Permit for the transportation of Ebola Medial Waste, which includes guidance on the packaging and transportation on Ebola infected waste. This special permit can be found at the following Web location: Special Permit # 16279 <https://go.madmimi.com/redirects/1413572114-8cb5256b518ed1f1bb5b46282d02e667-c927f47?pa=25714407463>

For more information, contact DoT at (800) 467-4922 about obtaining this special permit, and refer to Special Permit # 16279.

Show Your Customers That You Are Prepared To Properly Handle Infectious Waste

Your customers are now asking if you are prepared.  Here are ideas to help put them at ease:
1. Create a plan, NOW.  What will you do to handle their highly infectious waste.  What are your procedures and safeguards to both handle their waste AND protect them from infections from a different office that you may have visited.
2. This may be a time to add uniforms with professional cleaning as part of your Infection Control protocol.  Make sure your drivers always have a clean set of clothes in the truck in case their clothes become contaminated.  The drivers should change from their uniform into their street clothes when they are done handling waste for the day.
3. Change gloves after EVERY pickup.  Make sure the gloves are put on AFTER the driver leaves the truck, and then are removed BEFORE the driver gets back into the truck.  Infection control is a top priority.
4. Wash hands, or use alcohol based disinfectant after every stop.  This is the best way to minimize exposure risk.

We will be providing you with continuing information updates as they are release by DoT, CDC, HHS, WHO, and other governmental agencies.  If you have any questions, please contact: alan@compliancepublishing.com, or call us at (877) 500-6737.