Durabac, a Granby based company, has acquired Inpak, designer and maker of the Détritube, an aluminum refuse and recyclables collection body built for residential circuits. Established in 2010, Inpak Vehicles has invested several hundred thousand dollars to develop a unique and innovative waste collection system, made entirely from aluminum. The company has recently run into financial difficulties which have led it to sell its assets to Durabac. “The Détritube is a state of the art residential collection technology,” says Patrick Charboneau, president of Durabac. “Compared to traditional rear and front loaders in the industry, the Détritube really represents a leap forward. It is self-supporting and lighter, yet offers a greater load capacity and is definitely a more environmentally friendly solution.  This technology has a bright future and we didn’t want to see it disappear. In fact, we are already working on creating similarly built front loaders,” he adds.

Durabac has now acquired all of Inpak’s assets, namely it’s engineering and intellectual properties: plans, processes, patents, trademarks, inventory, etc. “It’s important for us that none of that know-how and experience is lost,” explains M. Charbonneau. “That’s why M. Guillaume Lebel, Technical supervisor for the Inpak line, has joined our team.”

“We want to continue producing the Détritube and even develop it further using the vast expertise we’ve garnered with our Chagnon product line,” concludes Durabac’s president. “Thousands of collection trucks are sold every year in America. There’s a huge opportunity for new solutions that perform better and are more eco-friendly. We want to be on the first line of this new generation of collection equipment. That’s why we are proud of welcoming Inpak in the big Durabac family.”

For more information, visit www.durabac.ca.