Sierra Energy, a renewable energy company and proprietor of the innovative FastOx gasifier, announced today that it has brought on Rob White as its new Chief Strategist. Mr. White brings a wealth of knowledge and more than 25 years of professional experience that includes executive leadership and management positions in public administration, the nonprofit sector and the private sector. Most recently, Mr. White served as the Chief Innovation Officer to the City of Davis. Before that, he served as the Director of Economic Development for the City of Livermore while simultaneously holding the post of CEO of the i-GATE innovation Hub. In his new position at Sierra Energy, Mr. White looks forward to nurturing relationships within municipal, state and federal governments including U.S. national labs, and collaboration with academia.

“My previous work across both the public and private sectors leaves me uniquely qualified to initiate meaningful conversations about FastOx gasification,” says Rob White. “I understand how difficult it is for innovative technologies to fight inertia and the status quo in municipal environments. To that end, I can offer the perspective and tools to facilitate projects with FastOx gasification to eliminate landfills and the harmful greenhouse gases they emit.” Mr. White will be assisting Sierra Energy on a variety of projects. Most notably, he will be leading the planning, design, permitting and implementation for a Zero Waste Innovation Park (ZWIP), an integrated, utility-scale collaboration between waste recycling and conversion technologies with the goal of 100% diversion from landfills.

“We’ve admired Rob’s work and have wanted to collaborate on a project for a long time,” said Mike Hart, President of Sierra Energy. “We seized the opportunity to bring him into the company. His vast experience and network of contacts will be critical to the success of our Zero Waste Innovation Park, which promises to transform how local communities perceive and handle waste.”  

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