Despray announces their most recent collaboration with GDB International. GDB International has acquired a Despray “DS500” state-of-the-art aerosol recycling system. This significant acquisition solidifies GDB International’s position as the world leader in aerosol paint can recycling, making them the first aerosol can filler or paint recycler globally to claim 100% recycling and waste-to-energy capabilities for paint-filled aerosol cans.

The Despray patented technology in the DS500 enables the complete separation and capture of all components of aerosol paint cans, including metal, liquid contents, and propellant gases. By effectively recycling these materials, the machine significantly reduces environmental impact and enhances overall aerosol recycling efficiency and safety.

GDB International’s investment in this innovative technology underscores their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As the first aerosol can filler in the world to achieve 100% recycling of aerosol cans, GDB International is setting a new global industry standard in paint recycling technology. They are true pioneers in paint recycling. This milestone marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainable aerosol recycling practices while reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the aerosol filling industry.

The DeSpray DS500 acquired by GDB International has the potential to process over 2 million full aerosol paint cans per year. This system boasts processing capabilities of over 284 tonnes of metal, 700 tonnes of paint, and 175 tonnes of LPG propellant gases annually. All these waste streams will be diverted for recycling, reuse, and waste-to-energy.

Mike MacKay, Despray Environmental, said, “This milestone in the aerosol paint manufacturing and recycling industry is a game-changer and industry disruptor. Until now, no other aerosol filler globally has had the capability to process their own aerosol overfills and end runs, as well as 100% recycle ‘post-consumer’ and ‘post-commercial’ with 100% waste-to-energy effectiveness. Recycling aerosols, including their hazardous liquid and gas contents, is vastly different from simply recycling the metal cans alone. Targeting only the metal can leaves the most dangerous and environmentally damaging products out of the recycling process, releasing otherwise fully recyclable contents, such as paint and propellants, into the atmosphere. By targeting the entire can and contents of aerosol paints, GDB are true global pioneers in aerosol paint recycling. They can now add ‘World leader’ to their already impressive resume as paint recycling pioneers. Bravo and congratulations, GDB. You are true outliers.”

Sanjeev Bagaria, CEO, GDB International, commented, “We at GDB International are excited about this investment in Despray’s 100% aerosol recycling technology. This project will serve as a pilot program for GDB International. Once implemented, we plan to expand the technology throughout the USA and internationally. This investment highlights our commitment and leadership in the paint recycling industry. By fully recycling aerosol cans, GDB International demonstrates our strong commitment to responsible and sustainable paint recycling, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. This project serves as an environmentally responsible model for other paint and aerosol filling companies, reinforcing the importance of adopting cutting-edge technologies to address global environmental challenges.”

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