Beginning in mid-September 2016, all single family, multi-family, and commercial participants of the Recycle Bank incentive program in Hollywood, FL, will get access to their new incentive program. After having the Recycle Bank incentive program for the past 6 years, residents can look forward to a great new program from Recycling Perks. Recycling Perks will offer reward points to registered users, and these points can be redeemed for discounts, freebies, and special deals from retailers, restaurants, grocers, and more. Ninety-five percent of these businesses are local, and the remainder are great national businesses with a local presence. All year long, the local Hollywood Recycling Perks representative will be participating in neighborhood meetings, environmental awareness campaigns, and City-sponsored events in an effort to promote the incentive program and educate residents about recycling.

Recycling Perks LLC was started in Virginia, in partnership with TFC Recycling, in May of 2010 as a vehicle to provide recycling incentives to current and future residential recycling customers. Since then it has evolved into a successful incentive and education program, and the proven program of choice, of many cities on the East Coast including Atlanta, GA, Clearwater, FL, Richmond, VA, and more.

Recycling Perks has two goals: to get more people to recycle, and to involve the community in making their city greener. Each partnership is unique and is tailored to be specific to the needs of each city served. Recycling Perks has built an institutional knowledge base that allows them to provide one-of-a-kind service and support to cities across the nation who are looking to enhance their recycling programs, reward residents, foster community involvement in non-profits, and facilitate a “shop-local” environment.

“Recycling Perks doesn’t just make the City greener, it is an all-inclusive program that pushes residents to become part of the process and to develop additional creative initiatives to support diverse causes from schools to animal shelters by offering programs to non-profits”, says Bill Dempsey, President of Recycling Perks. “We are excited to be expanding to another city in Florida. Hollywood takes a lot of pride in their recycling program and we are ready to work together to provide additional education, outreach and rewards.”

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