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The price of copper has hit record highs in the last few months, with the demand for the metal continuing to rise. From the late 80s to 2023, the global use of refined copper has more than doubled from 10 million metric tons to 26.5 million tons and trends indicate that this increase only looks to continue with sustainability being a global focus and the worldwide investment in A.I and electric vehicles contributing to the demand.

It is an exciting time for the industry and amidst the price increases, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize the profit of recycling copper and ways that businesses can benefit during this turbulent time. 

Cable Strippers

An effective machine to strip away plastic casing and reveal copper wiring for repurposing and appropriate for any size cable, including larger cables which may ordinarily be difficult to recycle. A cable stripper will help to increase the volume and quality of the copper material available.

McIntyre 5000 Cable Stripper.
Wright’s 170 Cable Stripper.

Cable Granulators

Perfect for large scrap yards and larger volumes of copper, the recycling range of cable granulators will improve the separation of the copper from the plastic (and other components in the cable), which will increase the value of copper that is recovered.

Some models have the power to process thick cables containing hard copper at the same rate as household and data cables and the built-in zig ag separator will also drop the heavier copper away from the separation table where lighter copper and plastic are split at a rate of 800 to 1000kg per hour.

MG 380VZT Cable Granulator.


A range of shears can improve the quality of braziery, the weight and quantity of the copper you produce by separating brass fittings from copper tube to make the individual components worth more money.

McIntyre 150 Shear.
McIntyre 320 Shear.


Exporting copper is a huge, yet necessary expense for scrap businesses to make. Using a good quality baler can effectively reduce the number of shipments that are made during a project, not only being a more sustainable way to recycle (with less of an environmental impact being made) but result in a huge cost-saving too.

McIntyre 2035 Baler.
McIntyre 5025 Baler.

Increase Your Profit Margin

With the right tools you have various ways in which you can monetize on the rising price of copper. By improving the quality of copper metal you are recycling and increasing the quantity, volume and value of the material, you will increase your profit margin.

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