Kenosha Truck Parts (KTP), formerly known as Kenosha Suspension Specialists, announces a distribution agreement with Takler USA, Inc., a renowned supplier in the truck parts industry, to enhance its product distribution and offerings in North America. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in addressing the critical industry needs for the distribution of essential safety equipment such as side guards for trucks, along with a wide range of ingress and egress solutions.

With the introduction of mandatory requirements for truck side guards in major cities like New York and Chicago, Kenosha Truck Parts will take on the crucial role of distributing Takler’s high-quality side guards. These products are essential for protecting fuel tanks and reducing the risk of side impacts, thereby enhancing safety standards across the board.

The partnership comes at a pivotal time when the industry faces increasing insurance and liability challenges, particularly related to ingress and egress injuries, which are the number one source of insurance claims in the sector. By incorporating Takler’s advanced ingress and egress solutions into its portfolio, Kenosha Truck Parts is poised to provide comprehensive safety solutions to fleets and dealers, significantly reducing the risk of falls and related incidents.

“Until now, Takler has had limited distribution in the United States,” said Jerimiah Gilmore, customer service manager at Kenosha Truck Parts. “This collaboration is not just about growth for Kenosha but also about supporting a new supplier in the North American market. It expands our brand beyond just suspensions, offering growth opportunities for our customers and contributing to enhanced safety standards in the industry.”

The recent rebranding from Kenosha Suspension to Kenosha Truck Parts underscores the company’s commitment to broadening its product and service offerings beyond suspensions. The company has added well-known brands to its product lineup including ContiTech, Gabriel, Westport and Link Mfg. It now also offers air springs, suspension controls, shock absorbers, steering components, tire pressure monitoring systems and loading ramps.

This strategic move allows Kenosha Truck Parts to cater to a more extensive range of customer needs. The company will continue to serve its entire North American customer base with same-day shipping for in-stock items, further bolstering its position as an up-and-coming distributor in the truck parts industry.

Kenosha Truck Parts’ revamped website and expanded product offerings reflect the company’s dedication to flexibility and responsiveness to market needs. With the strategic partnership with Takler and the ongoing migration to a broader truck parts arena, Kenosha Truck Parts is set to deliver unparalleled value and service to its customers.

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