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In the Spotlight: Beverly Companies: Serving a Diverse Customer Base ♦ Financing: Equipment Financing Options: Banks vs. Private Finance Companies ♦ Fleet Management: Top Five Reasons Why Integrated “Smart Truck” Solutions are the Way to Go ♦ Facilities Planning and Design: Pitfalls of Planning Construction Projects at Existing Facilities ♦ Truck Equipment: Waste Collection is Dirty Work … It’s Also Dangerous ♦ Insurance Issues: Set Your Company Apart ♦ Landfill Management: Planning for an Outbreak of Animal Disease ♦ Shredding/Grinding: Pre-Shredding Heavily Contaminated Waste to Minimize Grinder Costs ♦ Structures: Fabric Structures: Innovating the Waste Management Industry ♦ Mapping: Using Maps for Scheduling Roll-Offs ♦ Landfill Closure/Post-Closure Procedures: A New Methodology for Landfill Closures Allows for Benchless Designs ♦ Containers: Closing Your Dumpsters: Choosing the Right Cover to Minimize Pollutants and Fines ♦ Alternative Daily Covers: A No Brainer for Landfills ♦ Profile Update: Catching Up with Waste Pro ♦ Trash Treasures: National Garbage Man Day: A Week of Celebrating the Waste Industry ♦ Event Preview: Garbageman’s Invitational: A National Networking Opportunity  ♦ Confessions of a Landfill Engineer: Waste Conference Wanderlust ♦ Containers/Carts Case Study: “Floating” a Positive Solution